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Turabian's Parenthetical / Reference List Style Guide

Citing Articles Example Index


How do I know if it's a print copy?

You should only cite something as a print source if you consulted the physical "hard copy" of the book or article. If you found something online--even if it's a scanned image of the print version--it should be cited as an electronic source.

How to Cite a Print Journal Article

Turabian citation example for a print journal article


  • If issue number is included add it after volume number as no. issue number
  • If an article has been accepted for publication but not yet appeared us 'forthcoming' in place of the date and page numbers
  • If the publication has additional date information like month or season include it after volume or issue number in parentheses
  • Do NOT put a comma or period after an article title that ends with a question mark or exclamation point
  • Provide name of journal exactly as it appears on the title page (for example, if the official title is in initial form like PMLA do NOT expand it

How to Cite a Print Magazine Article

Turabian citation example for a print magazine article


  • Primarily cite magazines by date only (even if they have volume and issue information available)
  • Additional date information beyond year is shared after the title of the magazine and a is NOT provided in parentheses
  • Omit inclusive page numbers but REMEMBER in indicate page number in-text if a specific passage is quoted
  • If you do include page number in the reference list...use a commas NOTa colon to seperate from the additional date of issue information then finish the citation with a period
  • Citing a column or a department that appears regularly, capitalize it using headline verus sentence NOT use quotes
  • Citing a department without a personal author, use the name of the magazine as author (for example: New Yorker. 2000. Talk of the Town. April 10.)

How to Cite a Print Newspaper Article

Turabian citation example for a print newspaper article


  • Citation is similar to a magazine
  • Use name of newspaper in place of author if article is unsigned
  • Include edition of paper to help reader clarify specifically the source of information with a comma after the title of the newspaper and the name of the edition as an identifier without italics -- for example, New York Times, national edition.
  • Omit edition information if it is used as a title in place of author