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Turabian's Parenthetical / Reference List Style Guide

Citing Legal Sources Example Index

Jump directly to Reference List examples for the following types of legal information sources:

Want to know how to cite legal sources in-text?

Click on the below link for access to in-text citation examples for legal cases, statutes, and treaties:

How to Cite a Legal Case

Turabian citation example for a lrgal case


  • Name of reporter depends on level of the court and it is abbreviated.  The most common are:
    • United States Supreme Court Reports -- Abbreviation U.S.
    • Supreme Court  Reporter (if not yet published) -- Abbreviation S. Ct.
    • Federal Reporter (for lower federal courts) -- Abbreviation F.
    • Federal Supplement (for lower federal courts) -- Abbreviation F. Supp.
    • See 19.9.7 for state, local, and commercial reporters

How to Cite a Statutes

Statutes are bills or resolutions that have been passed into law.

Turabian citation example for statutes



  • In addition to year the act was passed include the publication date of the statuatory compilation where you accessed the may difer from the year of passage.
  • To understand the elements of legal citation of statues or treaties in general  this Basic Legal Citation Guide from Cornell University is a helpful resource


How to Cite Treaties

Turabian citation example for a treaty