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Turabian's Parenthetical / Reference List Style Guide

Citing a Book Example Index

Book Citation: Helpful Hints

Chapters in a book are different!

Be aware that many books are collections of essays written by several different people and edited by one author. If this is the case for you, format your reference information as a chapter/essay from a book rather than citing the entire book.

How do I know if it's a print copy?

You should only cite something as a print source if you consulted the physical "hard copy" of the book or article. If you found something online--even if it's a scanned image of the print version--it should be cited as an electronic source.

How to Cite a Book (entire book)

Turabian print book citation example

Additional Notes:

  • If the place of publication might be unfamiliar or confusing to readers, add the abbreviation of the state
  • Where two places of publication are listed on the title or copyright page, just include the first place listed
  • If place of publication is unknown you can use the abbreviation N.p. in place of publishers name or if place can be surmised include it in brackets with questions marks
  • Provide publisher's name exactly as it appears on the title page regardless of other know facts about the publisher

How to Cite a Book (chapter)

Turabian citation for chapter in print book example



Note: Many books are collections of essays written by several different people and edited by one author. You may cite just the one chapter or part most relevant to your research.

How to cite an edited book

Turabian edited book citation example

How to cite an edition other than the first (book)

Turabian citaion example for printed book edition other than the first