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3D Printing with Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder and 3D45

Getting Started with 3D Printing.

  1.  Get a 3D model.
  2. Prepare your model.
  3. Prepare the printer.
  4. Print your 3D model.

Need a 3D model (.stl)?

3D Design Program Video Tutorials

Prepare your model to print (video).

Use Dremel3D Slicer to:

  • help avoid trial and error printing
  • set the parameters to fit the 3D printer
    • 10” x 6” x 6.7” build specifications
    • DREMEL 1.75mm PLA filament
  • scale, rotate and arrange models on the build plate
  • repair, crop, plane cut, patch holes and balance models
  • add supports for parts with overhangs
  • preview paths the extruder will take when building your print
  • determine the amount of time your print will take*
  • determine the amount of filament your print will use**
  • save your model as a Dremel ready file
    • .g3drem or .gcode file format
    • on a flash drive

* Prints over three hours require a reservation. Reserve a 3D printer or check printer availability.  

** Know the build volume before printing to ensure there is sufficient filament.

Dremel 3D Slicer Links

Prepare the printer.

  1. Check out 3D printer kit from the circulation desk.
  2. Install the build platform.
  3. Level the build platform (video).
  4. Install filament (video).

Print Using Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder or 3D45 (video).

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into the front USB port of the Dremel3D40.
  2. On the main screen, tap “Build”
  3. Tap the center USB icon and then the model file.
  4.  Tap “Build”
  5. Let build run until complete.
  6. Press the square stop button on the touch screen if the need arises.

User Manual and Safety Warnings for the Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder

Safety Warnings

  • No food or drink near this device.
  • Keep doors closed when in operation.
  • Keep hair, clothing, and jewelry away from moving parts.
  • Use protective gear when doors are open.
  • Use only DREMEL 1.75 mm filament.
  • Do not pull the filament out of the extruder.
  • Use build tape at all times.
  • Do not bend/twist the build platform.
  • Do not disassemble the build platform.
  • Ensure build platform is properly seated when printing.
  • Remove build platform before removing your print.