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Makerspace Technology

Technology available at The Innovation Station

3D Scanning

Videos on Scanning with 3D Capture

Scan using manual 3D Capture

Scan using automatic 3D Capture

requires the Capture Stage available for check out at the circulation desk

User Manuals for Sprout HP

Safety Warnings

  • Do not cut, pierce, bend or fold the touch mat.
  • Do not place magnetic components on the touch mat.
  • Avoid staring directly at the lights on Sprout Illuminator.
  • Risk of Photosensitive Epileptic Seizure. If you are known to have a sensitivity, consult a physician before using the calibration and 3D Capture Scan functions on the HP Sprout.

    To help reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions:

    • Use in a well-lit area.
    • Do not look directly at the Sprout or the light patterns generated during calibrations or 3D scans.
    • Avoid prolonged use of the 3D scanning process.
    • Take a 15 minute break during each hour of Sprout use.
    • Avoid use when tired or need sleep.





User Guide for 3D Sense