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Pinback Button Making with the 2.25 Inch American Button Machine

Prepare the image (video)

  1. Input art into a template.
  2. Hide/delete unwanted layers of the template.
  3. Print on regular printer paper.

Cut image (video)

  1. Cut print out into strips that do not exceed 3/4 inch on right and left sides of the image.
  2. Insert image strip into front-facing slot between the top two plates.
  3. Center image within the open circle.
  4. Push the lever down.
  5. Push cut image up from center of the graphic punch. 
  6. Repeat as needed. 
  7.  Pull excess paper strip from the graphic punch slot.

Assemble Button (video)

Die A

  1. ‚ÄčPlace front shell, sharp edge down, in the shallow die of the button maker.Die A setup, place the shell, graphic and then mylar in Die A
  2. Add graphic, image side up.
  3. Place once sheet of mylar on top.
  4. Swivel die clockwise and then pull the handle once, everything will disappear into the top die.

Die B

  1. Place pin back, sharp edge up, into the now exposed deeper die of the button maker.Die B setup, place the pin back in die B
  2. Swivel counterclockwise.
  3. Pull the handle again to press the button.
  4. Swivel the die clockwise and remove the completed button.
  5. Repeat process for each button.

Unjam the button maker machine