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Makerspace Technology

Technology available at The Innovation Station

Cutting with the Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker is an electronic cutting machine that can be used to cut, write, and score a multitude of materials to create a vast  array of projects. It can be connected to a pc via a usb connection or paired via bluetooth.

Video Tutorials

Design Space is a free* cloud based design layout software that interfaces with the Cricut Maker. It provides necessary tools to design and create projects, organizes projects on mats by color and suggests the right tools based on the selected materials and functions. Create custom projects or select from ready made projects. Design Space requires an internet connection and compatible operating system

  1. Access design space (
  2. Create a Cricut id if a first time user, or sign in with an existing account if a returning user.

*Cricut Access is a paid membership that gives users unlimited access to a wide array of images, fonts and projects in design space. This membership is not necessary to use design space and is not provided by the Loyola Notre Dame Library. Membership is an individual decision and is between the user and Cricut.  

Canvas Overview

The workspace in Design Space where projects are designed. 


  • Attach - holds cuts in position so that images on the cutting mat will appear exactly as they show up on the design canvas and fastens a draw or score layer to a cut layer
  • Contour - hides or unhides lines or cut paths on a layer
  • Delete - permanently removes an object from the canvas
  • Detach - separates attached layers so they are no longer connected and will cut or draw independently from all other layers
  • Duplicate - creates a copy of a layer
  • Flatten - merges all selected layers into a single layer for printing
  • Group -  allows layers to be moved and sized together while working with them on the canvas
  • Slice - splits two overlapping layers into separate parts
  • Unflatten - separates layers from a printable image into individual printable layers.
  • Ungroup - allows layers to be moved and sized independently of another on the canvas
  • Weld - joins multiple layers together to create one shape, removing overlapping cut lines


  • Cut - set a layer to cut and set a color for the layer
  • Write - set the layer to write, and choose from a list of Cricut Pens
  • Score - set a layer to score, for easy folding
  • Print - turn a layer into a printed layer to be printed on a printer and cut with the Cricut Maker

Cutting Tools

Blade accessories to cut various types of materials. Blade tips should be covered at all times when not it use.

  • Fine Point Blade (silver housing) - recommended for use with paper, cardstock, posterboard, vinyl, iron-on, and other thin to medium weight materials
  • Deep Point Blade (black housing) - recommended for intricate cuts on thicker materials such as magnets, thick cardstock, stiffened felt, and foam sheets 
  • Bonded Fabric Blade (pink housing) - recommended to cut bonded fabric or those with iron-on backing
  • Knife Blade (exactor tip) - recommended for cutting through dense material up to 3/32"
  • Rotary Blade (rotary tip) - recommended for cutting unbonded fabric quickly and accurately 

Scoring Tools

Used to create crisp creases in thick and thin materials to make folds

  • Scoring Stylus
  • Scoring Wheel (labeled 1) Coming Soon
  • Double Scoring Wheel (labeled 2) Coming Soon


A carrier for materials through the cricut machine. Keep the clear film cover on the mats when not in use and use the appropriate mat for the material being used. 

  • Light Grip (blue) - recommended for lightweight materials such as printer paper, thin cardstock, vellum, construction paper and vinyl
  • Standard Grip (green) - recommended for medium-weight materials such as cardstock, pattern paper, embossed cardstock, iron-on and vinyl
  • Strong Grip (purple) - recommended for heavyweight materials such as thick cardstock, glitter cardstock, magnet material, chipboard, poster board, and fabric with stiffener
  • Fabric Grip (pink)

Writing Tools

Used to write text and draw picture on various materials.

  • Metallic Pens (5 ct)
  • Fine Point Set, .4 (30 ct)
  • Washable Fabric Pen

Basic Tools

Other useful accessories.

  • Scraper
  • Spatula
  • Tweezers
  • Weeder

While the Cricut cuts a variety of materials, there is no guarantee that it will cut all materials.  It is able to cut material as delicate as crepe paper and as thick as leather. If the material is not listed in the materials list, attempt to cut with the closest matching materials setting. Your material must be less than 2.4 mm in thickness.

Thicker materials such as chipboard and balsa wood must be secured to the cutting mat with masking or painters tape and the star wheels on the roller bar should be moved to the far right.  

Heat Press Machine

Setup and Use 

Project Ideas

Three animal cards made with print and cut feature

Print then Cut Animal Cards

Each card consists of two pieces.  The card fronts are print then cut images. The backs feature a cut, an internal written sentiment and a score line. The two separate sides were assembled using glue.  

Confetti cut from party foil


Created using basic shapes and stencil lettering, this confetti was cut from party foil. 

Logo t-shirt using iron-on vinyl

Logo T-shirt

Mirrored and cut from iron-on vinyl, the negative space was weeded away leaving behind only the desired parts of the image to be ironed into position.  

Layered smile card

Layered Smile Card

A free file in Design Space, this card is a great starter project to get acquainted with the Cricut Maker. This layered card features the scoring tool, writing tool, fine point blade and the rotary blade.

Personalized stickers.


Printed on sticker paper, the printed sheet was covered with peel and stick laminate before being cut. 

Stencil vinyl used to etch a logo on a glass.

Etched Glass with Stencil

Cut from stencil vinyl, the parts to be etched were weeded away. Aided with transfer tape, the stencil was set into position on the glass and burnished into place.  Etching cream was placed on the open areas of the stencil. The surface was washed and stencil removed when complete.

Easter Treat Bag

Custom Bag

Created at our first Cricut Maker Pop-Up, this treat bag was designed and embellished using the design tools in Cricut Design Space: cut, score, slice, weld, and attach.