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Makerspace Technology

Technology available at The Innovation Station

Laminating with the Scotch Thermal Laminator

Strengthen and protect documents.  

  • Laminate items up to 9 inches wide.
  • Laminate up to 5 mil thickness.

Getting Started

  1. Press the power button.
  2. Select the thickness setting for your paper.
    • 3mm for printer paper and similar materials
  3. Place item to be laminated in a lamination pouch.
    • pouch should exceed the size of the item by a minimum of 1/4 inch on all sides
  4. When the blue "Ready" light appears, feed the pouch, sealed edge first into the back of the machine.
  5. Remove laminated sheet from machine when complete
    • if trimming is necessary, trim a minimum of 1/4 inch away from the laminated item
  6. Power off the machine when finished.