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Makerspace Technology

Technology available at The Innovation Station

Virtual Reality

Use a headset, included hand controllers, and optional Bluetooth game controller to navigate through a library of VR applications and games.



Turn a phone into a VR device using Google Cardboard to demo basic VR.

Suggested Apps

Google Expedition - go on VR Trips or explore AR objects

Guardian VR - Explore social and environmental issues

YouTube 360 - Many, many 360 videos. Some even educational


Capture videos and images in 360 degrees. This camera records video in 5.7K and images in 16 megapixels, and can stream footage live to Facebook or YouTube.

VR App List

HTC VIVE App Subject Description
1000 Cut Journey Education, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology Experience racism thru the eyes of a Black man
Age of Sail History A tale of shipwreck and redemption
Anno: 1500 History, Religious Studies Time travel adventure taking one back to 1500 Swedish life
Athenian Acropolis Classic, History, Religious Studies Tour the Athenian Acropolis
Becoming Homeless Criminology, Forensics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Spend days in the life of someone who can no longer afford a home
Berlin Wall: The Virtual Reality Experience History, Political Sciences, Sociology get a East German's perspective
Calc Flow Engineering, Mathematics Manipulate vectors with mutli-dimensional calculus
Circadian Rhythm Biology, Nursing, Pharmacy Journey inside a human cell
The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell Biology, Nursing, Pharmacy Travel the bloodstream and learn how oxygen is carried to cells
Bygone Worlds: Ephesus History, Religious Studies Short experience of life in a 200 year old city
Bygone Worlds: Jerusalem History, Religious Studies Short immersion into Ancient Jerusalem
Coral Compass: Fighting Climate Change in Palau Biology, Chemistry Impact of climate change on reefs and economy in Micronesia
The Curse of Palm Oil Biology, Business, Economics Impact of palm oil harvesting on Malaysian ecosystem
Deathtolls Experience History, Political Sciences, Sociology Re-sensitize users to tragedies around the globe
The Disappearing Oasis Biology, Political Sciences, Sociology Immersive VR film about desertification
Electrical Substation Training Platform Engineering, Physics Immersive simulation geared towards engineering
Experience Colorblindness Art, Art Therapy, Education, Psychology, Sociology See through the eyes of someone who is colorblind
The Extraordinary Honey Bee Biology Learn the beneficial impact bees have on the environment
Google Blocks Multi, Art, Art Therapy Create 3D objects
Google Earth Multi Virtual map of our world
I Am Rohingya History, Political Science, Sociology chronicles struggles endured by people of Burma (Myanmar)
Imam Muhammid ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque Art, Religious Studies Tour the largest mosque in Qatar
Industrial Plant Interior Engineering Explore 3D rendering of industrial plant
International Space Station Engineering, Physics Learn about inner workings and virtually tour the ISS
Journey Into the Heart of Evolution Biology, Nursing, Pharmacy explore the tree of the living, iconic species and how they are related
Just Food: Coping with the Crisis Biology, Business, Economics Impacts of food insecurity
KOKODA History Australian army's attempt to stop Japanese invasion
LiVer Biology Explore animals in various environments
London Museum of Water and Steam Engineering, Physics Virtual tour of the museum
Medical Realities Biology, Physics, Pharmacy Surgical training
Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass Art, Art Therapy VR experience for the Louvre
My Brother’s Keeper History Emotional cost of war, and the bonds formed during battle
Nanome Biology, Chemistry Explore chemistry and the nano
Nature Treks VR Multi Explore tropical beaches, underwater oceans, and even trek to the stars
Nefertari: Journey To Eternity History Explore Nefertari's tomb in Egypt
Nellie Bly: Virtual Reality Experience History Follow her path as she circumnavigates the world
Organon Biology, Nursing, Pharmacy Visualize the different systems that make up our bodies
Overview: A Walk Through the Universe Physics 30 minutes of cinematic narration from Earth to the Cosmic Web
The Physiology of the Eye Biology, Nursing, Pharmacy Training platform for medical disciplines. Includes assessment system
Remind VR: Daily Meditation Multi, Art Therapy, Psychology Meditation methods for relaxation
ShareCare Biology, Physics, Pharmacy Real-time simulation of the Human Body
Sketchfab Multi, Art, Art Therapy 3D model viewer/editor
Speech Trainer Multi, Speech, Writing VR auditorium to use for practicing public speaking
The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience Biology, Chemistry Ecosystem to explore the oceans acidification from carbon dioxide
Steam VR Multi Steam VR video platform
Strata inStudio Art, Art Therapy VR playground for 3D modeling
The Swedish Virtual Art Gallery Art, Art Therapy Tour a Swedish art gallery
TheBlu: Whale Encounter Biology Close encounters with aquatic life
Titanic HIstory ROV exploration of the wreck, and cinematic recreation of abandoning the ship
This is Our Future, the Nature Conservancy Biology, Economics Consequences of overfishing and its impact on other aquatic species
Tilt Brush Multi, Art, Art Therapy Create art using controllers as paint brushes
Tree Biology Experience life as a majestic rainforest tree
USS Eisenhower History Learn about operations aboard an aircraft carrier
Virtual Tour of Dunhuang Art, History Chinese art in the Dunhuang Grottos
Vive Video Multi immersive way to view videos
The VR Museum of Fine Art Art, Art Therapy Tour four different exhibits on 1:1 scale
The Wall Economics Impact of Southern Border wall on humans and wildlife
War Remains: Dan Carlin Presents an Immersive Memory History World War I
WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience Physics Explore the Universe