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LNDL: Communication and Reporting

A centralized location for group contact information, procedures and reporting forms for LNDL staff to use to alert the appropriate department to these issues.


  • Signage includes the date of creation (MM/DD/YYYY) and unit responsible (AS, TS, C, O, A, R&I) on the bottom right-hand or bottom left-hand corner of sign.   
  • Signage includes the LNDL logo for all signage.    
  • Note: specialty logos (Find Your Place, 50th Anniversary) may be used in place of standard logo during specified time periods. Replace once the specified period has ended. 
  • Signage uses a sans serif typeface and is not handwritten.  
  • Signage ensures a high level of contrast between adjacent objects (ADA recommends 70% light reflective value).    
  • Includes relevant information only; avoids excessive language and headings. 
  • Uses positive language rather than punitive.    
  • Avoids clipart.    


  • Permanent/long-term signage must utilize durable materials such as sublimated aluminum, engraved plastic, matte laminated, and vinyl on board.    

  • Short-term signage (marketing flyers, out-of-order signs) may be printed on paper to be laminated or on poster paper.   

  • Matte lamination sheets are behind AS cubicles.  

  • Size of sign must be appropriate for the content displayed to be legible at a reasonable distance and up close.    


  • Signage is placed in designated areas only. Designated areas include:   

  • Acrylic sign holders near doors and on walls.   

  • Bulletin boards    

  • Stacks (Access Services Supervisor/ILL Assistant)   

  • Entrance doors (Access Services Operations Supervisor)   

  • Signage is mounted without visible tape.    

  • Signage is leveled.   

  • Signage referencing rooms by name include room numbers.    

Fonts, Typeface - Excel Sheet

Signage and Wayfinding

This libguide will act as a convenient page to access recommendations.

S&W Taskforce

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