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LNDL: Communication and Reporting

A centralized location for group contact information, procedures and reporting forms for LNDL staff to use to alert the appropriate department to these issues.


Welcome to the Internal LNDL Communication & Reporting LibGuide!

This LibGuide is a centralized location where you can find key tools to easily communicate across library units and report any access, technology, or cataloging and metadata issues you encounter. 

Group Emails by Unit

Access Services

Mallory Walker
Ruby Cruz
Michelle Williams
Caroline Haislip
Weekend shift: Marcella Guccione D'Anna


Allison Atkins
Laura O'Hanlon

Archives and Special Collections

Jenny Kinniff
Peter Sutton

Cataloging & Metadata Services

Polly Connor

Use Ticket Reporting Form First

Electronic Resources (Acquisitions)

Allison Atkins
Part Time:  Amanda Zhang 

Use Ticket Reporting Form First

Interlibrary Loan

Mallory Walker
Zach Gahs-Buccheri
Caroline Haislip

Research & Instruction

Kate Newton
Jennie Ray
Kristina Wagner

Kate Campbell

Part Time: Renise Johnson, Will Johnson, and Aaron Murphy
Technology Services

Kate Strain
Youlanda Halterman
Clara Love

Use Ticket Reporting Form First