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LNDL: Communication and Reporting

A centralized location for group contact information, procedures and reporting forms for LNDL staff to use to alert the appropriate department to these issues.

Committee Members and Charge

Committee Members: Lorena Dion (Co-Chair), Kate Strain (Co-Chair), Allison Atkins, Youlanda Halterman, Michelle Williams

Charged:  July 5, 2022

The IDEA Committee works collaboratively to identify and remove barriers to a more inclusive and equitable organizational culture; to foster a welcoming and supportive library experience for all users; to continuously improve library policies, practices, workflows, and initiatives, recommending alternatives where applicable; and to identify ways to partner with appropriate campus and community groups to promote and support IDEA initiatives.  

In concert with other internal and external working groups (e.g., library administration and PSA, Loyola and Notre Dame faculty and student committees, and local and regional partners), the IDEA Committee helps educate and support library staff in developing a shared understanding of and commitment to principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.  

Committee Members: Jack Owen (Chair), Clara Love, Laura O'Hanlon, Peter Sutton, Caroline Haslip

Charged:  July 5, 2022

The Marketing Committee will promote library services, events, and collections through a variety of outlets in the library, on the campuses, and in the community as appropriate.

The Marketing Committee will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Develop the annual Marketing Plan
  • Market library services, events, and materials to relevant platforms
  • Write and promote the Library Newsletter
  • Partner with the campus marketing and communications departments to support outreach and marketing objectives

Committee Members: Allison Atkins, Ruby Cruz-Reyes, Kristina Wagner

Charged: June 2022- July 2023

Committee Mission: Encourage staff morale and community connection.

The Social / Events Committee will plan and organize events taking place within or on behalf of the Loyola Notre Dame Library to ensure that the hosting, planning, promotion, and execution of events is professionally done. The committee will work with other library committees and departments to share information and collaborate as needed to facilitate events with and for library users and staff members.  It will also collaborate with individuals and departments within the two campus communities.

Areas of focus:

  1. Internal Social Events - For staff and student workers
  2. Larger Library Events- Supporting other committees and project teams to accomplish library initiatives

Committee Members: Amanda Kramer (Co-Chair), Laura O'Hanlon (Co-Chair)

Committee Mission: 


Task Forces and Teams

Student Advisory Board

Library Committee Members: Jack Owen (Chair) 

The Student Advisory Board has been tasked to work collaboratively with undergraduate and graduate students from Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University to gather feedback on and discuss new ideas for library programs and initiatives. Students gain valuable professional experience by working with LNDL librarians and staff to help launch and curate innovative student-centered programs and by representing the Library at campus events. 

Fall Fest Working Group

Committee Members: Mallory Walker (Co-Chair), Jack Owen (Co-Chair), Jenny Kinniff, Zach Gahs-Buccheri, Clara Love, Kristina Wagner

Charged: April 23rd, 2024

Purpose of Working Group: The Fall Fest Task Force will assist in the planning, documentation, and implementation of the second annual LNDL Fall Fest. 

Members of the Fall Fest Task Force will be expected to: 

  • Take part in stakeholder conversations to ensure Fall Fest is supported by campus entities. 
  • Participate in the brainstorming and creation of activities, prizes, and marketing materials for Fall Fest 2024. 
  • Assist with day-of coordination, including event set-up and break-down. 


Library Committee Members: Danielle Whren-Johnson (Chair), Peter Sutton, Allison Atkins, Youlanda Halterman, Kate Newton 

Digital Scholarship

Library Committee Members: Peter Sutton, Jenny Kinniff, Clara Love, Kate Strain