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LNDL: Communication and Reporting

A centralized location for group contact information, procedures and reporting forms for LNDL staff to use to alert the appropriate department to these issues.


Who to ask? 

Problems with your computer? A public computer? Internet? 

Submit a sysaid ticket
Makerspace reservations Makerspace reservation request form 
Question for TS unit (ex. zoom cart request, collaboration station requests) 

Email techservices-lndl <> 

This is a shared inbox, checked by all of TS 

General message to the TS unit that does not require a response 

Email LNDL-Technology-Services <>

Distribution list that goes to all individual staff inboxes 

Loyola printer issues Email Technology Services Librarian, coordinate to submit OTS ticket
Patron questions about the makerspace at the Help Desk (makerspace appointment is here, button maker is jammed, etc.) Message both Youlanda and Clara on Teams 
Updates to the website, including hours, libcal, libguides.  Submit a website ticket