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LNDL: Communication and Reporting

A centralized location for group contact information, procedures and reporting forms for LNDL staff to use to alert the appropriate department to these issues.

Mail information for staff

LNDL Mail FY22 

Procedure active as of September 7, 2021 

Which address to use? 

Type of Mail 

Loyola Notre Dame Library 

Attn: [staff name] 

200 Winston Avenue 

Baltimore, MD 21212 

  • Billing 

  • Letters 

  • Loading dock deliveries (freight or poundage) 

Note: This is billing address for vendors and patrons 

Loyola Notre Dame Library 
Attn: [staff name] 
5104 York Road 
Baltimore, MD 21212 

  • Packages delivered by FedEx, UPS, USPS 

  • Amazon deliveries – More info to come 

Personal home address 

  • Personal packages should not be delivered to the library 

  • Staff can take items to Stamp-It 


Sending or receiving mail inside the Library 

  • Paper mail is sorted by department and located in the Admin office. 

  • Intercampus mail can be dropped off in Access Services. 

  • All packages/boxes delivered to LNDL will be located behind the Holds Shelving area in Access Services; you will be contacted to let you know your package is ready for pickup. 

  • If you have ordered a package to be delivered to the loading dock please make sure you have coordinated pickup of the item(s) with the vendor. Please be available to pick up your item and move it into the building. It is also recommended that you let the Help Desk know that an item is on its way.