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Alerts: Search, Table of Contents, & Citation Alerts: SAGE Journals

Use this guide to create auto alerts for your research.

SAGE Journals "My Tools" Accounts

You will need to create a "My Tools" personal account in order to create alerts in SAGE.

To create a My Tools account:

1. Click Sign in in the top right corner of the screen.

Sage sign-in main page

2. Select Click here under "Not Yet Registered?" in the lower left corner of the next screen.

SAGE sign-in link

3. Enter your email address and click Begin New Registration.

SAGE begin new registration link

4. On the next screen, fill out your information and click Register.

SAge registration page


Search Alerts in SAGE Journals

You will need to be logged in to your My Tools account to create search alerts in SAGE Journals.

To create a search alert in SAGE Journals:

1. Click Save as Alert in the right sidebar next to the results list of the search you'd like to save.

SAGE save as alert link next to results

2. On the email alert confirmation page, click Modify email alerts to see and change the alert settings, if desired.

SAGE modify email alert link

3. Modify any settings you wish and then click Save Changes.

SAGE modify email alert settings

Journal/Table of Contents Alerts in SAGE Journals

You will need to be logged in to your My Tools account to create a journal alert in SAGE Journals. Next:

1. Click Browse Journal List in the left sidebar.

SAGE browse journal list

2. You can either browse journals by title or by discipline. Select one of the options and navigate to the journal you're looking for.

3. Click on the journal title, and then click on the Email Alerts tab at the top or the Email Alerts link in the right sidebar.

Sage journal email alerts links

4. Select your content alert preferences and click Submit.

SAGE content alert preferences

Click here for more information about creating journal alerts in SAGE Journals.

RSS Alerts in SAGE Journals

Click here to learn more about RSS alerts and feed readers.

A SAGE journal offers RSS feeds for the various releases:

  • Current Issue
  • Recent Issues (four most recent)
  • OnlineFirst
  • Most Frequently Read Articles
  • Most Frequently Cited Articles

The RSS feed for each issue will include article titles, author information, and summaries for select articles, with links to the complete online version of all articles.

To create an RSS feed in SAGE Journals:

1. Navigate to the journal page in the database, following the steps outlined in the "Journal/Table of Contents Alerts in SAGE Journals" box above.

2. Click on the RSS tab at the top or the RSS feed link in the right sidebar.

SAGE RSS feed links from journal page

3. Right-click on the RSS icon next to the RSS feed type you'd like to receive and copy the link location.

SAGE journal feed link choices

4. Paste the link into your feed reader.


Citation Alerts in SAGE Journals

You will need to be logged into your My Tools account in order to create a citation aleart in SAGE Journals.

To create a citation alert:

1. Click the Full Text (PDF) link under the article in the results list to open the article.

SAGE article PDF link

2. Click Alert me when this article is cited in the right sidebar when the article is opened.

SAGE article citation alert link

3. Make sure the Citations box is checked, and then click Save Alerts.

SAGE citation alert confirmation