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Alerts: Search, Table of Contents, & Citation Alerts: ProQuest Databases

Use this guide to create auto alerts for your research.

ProQuest "My Research" Accounts

You  need to create a ProQuest My Research personal account to create search alerts

Benefits of creating a My Research account in ProQuest.

To create a My Research account:

  1. In any ProQuest database, click on the person icon at the top right of the search screen.ProQuest search screen
  2. From the menu that appears click Create My Research Account
  3. Fill out the Create an Account form. Click Create Account.

Proguest Create an Account screen

More information about creating a My Research Account.

Search Alerts in ProQuest

Log into your My Research account. Next:

  1. Conduct a search.
  2. On the results page click Save search/alerts.ProQuest search results screen.
  3. From the pull-down menu that opens, click Save Search
  4. Fill out Save Search to My Research form. Click Save.ProQuest  Save Search to My Research screen

  5. You will get a confirmation screen. Click Close.

ProQuest Saved Search to My Research confirmation screen








More information about search alerts in ProQuest.


Journal/Table of Contents Alerts in ProQuest

Login to your My Research account. Then :

  1. Click on the Publications link at the top of any page in the database to search for a publication.


2. On the Publications search screen, either enter a specific journal title in the search box and click Search or use the A to Z list to find a journal title.
ProQuest Publication search screen

  1. If you select a journal from the A to Z list, click the name of the publication on the results list to access the Publications Information screen.
  2. On the Publication Information screen, click Create alert icon at top right of the screen.ProQuest Publication information screen
  3. Fill out the Create alert form and click Create.

 Look over the summary screen for correctness. Click Close.

Scroll down to "Publication alerts" for more information.

Create RSS Feeds in ProQuest

You need to be logged into your My Research account to create an RSS feed alert in ProQuest databases.

Search Alert RSS Feeds in ProQuest

  1. After you conduct your search, click down arrow of Save search/alert.
  2. Click on Create RSS Feed
  3. Fill out the Create RSS Feed form

Publication Alert RSS Feeds in ProQuest

To set up an RSS feed for a journal/table of contents alert in a ProQuest database, follow the steps above to locate the publication. Next:

  1. From the Publication Information page, click the RSS feed icon.
  2. Fill out Create RSS feed form. Click Create feed
  3. Copy and paste the feed link into your RSS reader. Click Close.

More information about RSS feeds in ProQuest.