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AJHP Style Guide : Getting Started

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General Tips

General Tips:

  • At the beginning of your bibliography, include the heading “References”
  • Make sure that your references are double-spaced and are numbered consecutively as they appear in the text.
  • In the text, number your citations in the order in which they appear.  Use superscript Arabic numbers. If you cite from the same source more than once, reuse the original number.
  • References that appear in tables or figure captions should receive consecutive numbers based on the placement of the first mention of the table or figure in the text.
  • If a U.S. or Canadian city is not well known, include the two-letter abbreviation for the state or province to avoid confusion. For example: Palm Springs, CA. If the city is well known, you do not need to include the state. For example: St. Louis.
  • When citing inclusive page numbers, shorten the second number when appropriate. For example: 214-8 instead of 214-218.

  • “Letter,” “Editorial,” “News,” or “Abstract” is added at the end of citations for these items.a

Source: Formatting Manuscripts in AJHP Style. (accessed 2015 June 22).