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AJHP Style Guide : Citing Information in a Presentation

How to cite information in a PowerPoint

The following PPT will show you best practices for citing outside information in a PowerPoint presentation.

How to Cite Information in a Presentation

When giving a talk or presenting information in a debate, you still need to inform your listeners where you found your information.

While in a written paper or a PowerPoint presentation you need to be more formal about citing your sources, in a talk, providing the listener with the source or author and date will be enough. If you want to ensure that the audience can get back to these resources after the presentation, print out a list of your references and hand it out before or after your talk.

The following statements are examples of how you can verbally cite an outside source. Include at least the publication, organization, or author and the date for the information you are using:

"According to a 2012 article in the New York Times..."

"A 2010 study published in AJHP discovered that..."

"A survey conducted by the CDC in May 2011 found that 20% of adults..."

"Research conducted by Burns and Mitchell in 2012 concluded that children are more likely to..."