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AJHP Style Guide : Journal Articles


Authors: Include the last name and then the first and middle initial of authors with no periods. List all authors when there are three or fewer. When there are four or more, list only the first three and add "et al." There is no comma before "et al."

Article Title: Only capitalize the first word of the title. If there is a colon, leave the first word after the colon lower cased.

Journal Title: Abbreviate the journal title according to Index Medicus and put the title in italics. If you found the article in PubMed, the journal is abbreviated appropriately. To look up journal abbreviations, click here

Issue Number: If the journal is continuously paginated, leave out the issue number in the citation

Page Numbers: Omit common numbers. For example, use "213-5" rather than "213-215"


Parts of a Journal Article Citation

*See tips on the left-hand side for more specific details of how to complete each piece of the citation.

Journal Article Dissected


Journal Article Citation

More Journal Article Examples

Wilbur K. Pharmacy students' perception of public health service roles and responsibilities. Int J Pharm Pract. 2011; 19:179-84.

Barner JC, Bohman TM, Brown CM. Use of complementary and alternative medicine for treatment among African-Americans: a multivariate analysis. Res Social Adm Pharm. 2010; 6:196-208.

Wutoh AK, English GN, Daniel M et al. Pilot study to assess HIV knowledge, spirituality, and risk behaviors among older Africa Americans. J Nati Med Assoc. 2011; 103:265-8.