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Resources for Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship

Articles recommended by Loyola University Maryland's Center for Community, Service, & Justice


Service learning is a pedagogy that is included by many academic  areas. If you are unfamiliar with databases in  specific disciplines, here is a way for you to group LNDL's databases by subject areas.

1. Start at the library home page.

2. Put the cursor on the Search tab.

3. Select Databases. (This will retrieve an alphabetical list of all of LNDL's databases).

4. Locate the All Subjects box. Use the down arrow to retrieve a list of subject categories.

5. Select the relevant subject area, i.e. Education.

6. Click on your choice to open the database.

TIP: Check if the database has a thesaurus or subject headings list. Using these official terms should retrieve more on target results.

The following databases have significant  numbers of service learning articles but are by no means your only choices.

OneSearch is the search box on the library home page