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Help Guides @ LNDL: Journals

Finding Journals

Searching for Journals

When searching for a specific journal:

  • Locate the journal title in the citation you are trying to find
  • Choose "Journals" from the drop-down menu and search by journal title, not article title, in the search box to see if we have access;
  • Click on the link for full text access (pay attention to the date of the article; sometimes there are multiple links with multiple date ranges);
  • Some journals give you the option to "Search within Publication" which you can use to search for the article title;
  • If there is no search option, use the drill down method:
    • First select the date
    • Then select the volume
    • Finally select the issue
    • Scroll through the articles until you find the one you are looking for.

Journal search for the New York Times

Seeker search results for New York Times

Publication information for the New York Times