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Creating Stable Links to Items in Databases

What's wrong with my current Seeker links?

With the transition to LNDL’s new OneSearch search tool in May, all permalinks generated by the permalink button in Seeker will no longer function correctly.

Spring and summer teaching faculty will need to update their syllabi and Moodle/Brightspace pages with direct permalinks to items in their original databases, so that library resource permalinks remain unaffected by the May 23 search tool update. This move will prevent disruptions in students accessing resources from the library databases.

Liaison librarians are available to assist faculty with adjusting links to library resources. Faculty can also follow the instructions below to identify and replace Seeker permalinks with direct permalinks to items in databases.

How do I know if I'm using a Seeker permalink?

A permalink generated from an item in Seeker looks like this:

Note that the link will have a proxy identifier at the beginning, and an EDS identifier at the end. Permalinks that look like this will no longer function and need to be updated.

Using Journal Finder to Locate Items in Databases

  • Identify the publication (journal, magazine, etc.) in which the article was published 
  • On the library’s homepage, select “Journal” from the drop-down menu next to the search box 
  • Search for the journal/magazine title (not the article title) 
  • This will lead you to a list of databases through which LNDL subscribes to the journal/magazine  
    • Results might include the term “Print Periodicals Collection”; this will not lead to a permalink 
  • Note the date ranges of access next to the database links and select a database with the correct date range 
  • Once you are in the database, find the article. Typically, you will need to select the year and issue before finding the item title in the database. 
  • Follow the permalink instructions pertaining to this database in the list on the left side of this page  
  • Watch the “Finding an Article from a Bibliography” tutorial if you are a visual learner!  


Permalinks to eBooks & eBook Chapters

  • Search for the book title in Seeker (before May 23, 2024) if the faculty member does not already have the Seeker permalink 
    • Searching for a specific chapter title might work, but a book title search is more reliable 
  • From the Seeker record, you should be able to find the eBook link and figure out the correct database