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NUR406 : Contemporary Nursing Trends and Theory

Locate Articles Written by a Theorist

What if you can't find a reference to a primary source in a nursing theory book? Use a nursing database like CINAHL to search for articles or other sources written by your chosen theorist.

Select AU Author from the drop-down menu next to a theorist's name to search for articles written BY him/her. Always type last name first.

Author search in CINAHL

Finding Journals in OneSearch

When searching for a specific journal:

  • Locate the journal title in the citation you are trying to find
  • Choose "Journal Search" from the menu across the top and search by journal title, not article title, in the search box to see if we have access

  • OneSearch shows all the possible results, pay attention to the date range

  • Click on the link for full text access (pay attention to the date of the article; sometimes there are multiple links with multiple date ranges)

  • Some journals give you the option to "Search within Publication" which you can use to search for the article title;
  • If there is no search option, use the drill down method:
    • First select the date
    • Then select the volume
    • Finally select the issue
    • Scroll through the articles until you find the one you are looking for.