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NUR406 : Contemporary Nursing Trends and Theory: Researching Midrange Theories

Nursing Theory Books

Why use a book to research nursing theory?

Books are a resource for finding background information or overviews on theories and how they are applied to practice. If you have a specific issue or population you want to research but don't know which theory applies, try browsing one of the following books.

Come to the library to use print books, or access e-books from any computer using your Notre Dame credentials.

Title Author/Editor, Year Print or E-book
Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice Parker Print (2010 & 2015) and E-book (2010)
Middle Range Theories: Application to Nursing Research Peterson & Bredow, 2013 E-book
Vital Notes for Nurses: Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice McKenna, 2011 E-book
Nursing Theories: The Base for Professional Nursing Practice George, 2011 Print
Theories Guiding Nursing Research and Practice: Making Nursing Knowledge Development Explicit Fitzpatrick & McCarthy, 2014 E-book
Middle Range Theory for Nursing Liehr & Smith, 2014 E-book
Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research Powers & Knapp, 2011 E-book
Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists: A Creative Beginning Sitzman & Eichelberger Print (2004) and E-book (2011)
Generating Middle Range Theory: From Evidence to Practice Roy, 2014 E-book
Nursing Theorists and Their Work Alligood & Marriner-Tomey Print and E-book (2010) and Print (2014)
Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice Butts & Rich, 2011 E-book

NOTE: Some print books are held on course reserves at the circulation desk. Check item holdings to verify location.

Tutorials: Researching Middle Range Nursing Theories

Want to learn more about researching middle range theories?

The following tutorials will cover how to find background information on a middle range theory (Part 1) and how to search for journal articles on a middle range theory as it applies to an area of practice or a specific population (Part 2). 

Click on the tutorial to view it. 

Research Tip

When reading books on nursing theories, keep an eye out for citations to journal articles within the texts (and in bibliographies at the end of each chapter). The books will provide citations to key journal articles on specific theories.

Once you have a citation for an article and want to track it down, use the Journals search box on the library homepage to find out if the library has that journal.

Nursing Theory Articles

Looking for CINAHL for articles on a theory?  

Here are a few pointers:

  • Don't limit your search by date. You may find an excellent introduction to your theory in an older article.
  • Try searching for any articles written by the author who originated your theory. Search for last name first, then first initial with an asterisk. For example: Instead of Barbara Resnick, search for Resnick, B*.
  • It may be difficult to find articles on a theory that was introduced very recently. The longer a theory has been in existence, the more likely it is that you'll find articles discussing it.