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Pharmacy: Websites

Evaluating Web Sites

Always check with your instructor before including resources from the Web in your research project. He or she will want to know that you have properly evaluated any information that you may use.

The websites linked from this page have all been selected by a librarian, but you will still need to evaluate their content to determine if it is reliable and relevant to your research.

Consider the following elements:

  • Purpose/Content
  • Authority/Authorship
  • Currency
  • Organization

Contact a librarian if you'd like help determining if a website is reliable or not.

Look for the HONcode


When evaluating a website, look for the HONcode at the bottom of the page. The Health on the Net Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to evaluate online health information. If a website applies for certification and meets the criteria set up by this organization, it is given a HONcode seal which is displayed on the website's footer.

More information about the HONcode.

Pharmacy Health Literacy Resources

The following sites provide information and guidance on health literacy, an important aspect of pharmacy practice. These resources can help you learn more about health literacy in the context of pharmacy and how to assess your patients' health literacy.

Other Drug Databases and Websites

International Resources