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PHRD 312: Pharmacy Practice Management Research Guide: Getting Started

Review Sample Business Plans has access to sample business plans that can be helpful to review when developing a business plan on your own. Type in "Pharmacy" in the search box to locate a Pharmacy Business Plan in a retail environment.

In addition, the following sample business plans can be downloaded for additional context:

Understand Key Terms

Babson College's Promo Prof - All Things Marketing's Glossary is a great quick reference tool to understand the definition of key terms in business plan development.  The glossary is in alphabetical order so click on the letter at the start of term and scroll down through the glossary to locate the definition. 

Try the glossary to locate definitions for the following business planning terms:

  • SWOT
  • Market Share
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics

Business Planning 101

Effective business research helps accelerate the process of solving community health challenges and needs.  As Pharmacists you will need to access and assess high quality information resources to help design, develop and launch programs and services to optimize customer care, build lasting and effective partnerships with business entities who can help develop, support, and expand existing and new services, reach consumers with high quality outreach and education initiatives, and much more.  Developing a business plan or proposal is an effective way to clarify objectives, define best practices for addressing current needs, outline a plan of action and identify resources necessary to ensure success. 

Types of Information Needed For Effective Business Planning:

  • Industry Trends and Forecasts
  • Company Background and Data
  • Customer Research

The resources in this research guide have been highlighted to help you access, evaluate, and use effectively business information resources to develop effective business plans and proposals in support of course objectives today and professional requirements in the future.

Have a question on any of the information resources available in this guide? Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to support you in your research process.