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Israel/Palestine: Conflict Narratives, Media Framing, and Peacebuilding (SC 376): News Sources

News Sources

  • While for your Current Event Presentations, we suggest you go directly to the different news source websites (see the tabs above). For your Research Project, it would be beneficial to start with the database Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic - link below).
  • If you’re off-campus, you’ll need to sign in with your Loyola username and email/Moodle password.
  • Tip: To find multiple forms of a word in the same search in Nexis Uni, use an exclamation point at the end of a root. For example, Palestin! will get you Palestine and Palestinian.
  • This will bring up a wide range of recent articles from different papers – some that may be relevant for your topic and some that may not be. You will need to spend some time going through the titles and checking out the content to see what is relevant.
  • Try to ensure that you get one from a Palestinian perspective (Arab if you can’t, but strive for Palestinian), one from an Israeli perspective (Jewish if you can’t, but strive for Israeli), one from a European perspective, and one from an American perspective. If you’re struggling, the database can help you with this.
  • If you do not find helpful results using Nexis Uni, you can go directly to the news sources listed under the perspective you are missing and try to search this way, but this will likely be more difficult, since they do not all have search boxes.

Finding International News in Nexis Uni

  1. Use the “Search in all News for…” search box on the database’s main page
  2. Enter your search terms (just the main words)
    1. Example: Israel Evangelical Christians
  3. Hit “Search”
  4. In “Location by Publication” in left sidebar, select “International”
  5. In the new “International” section in the left sidebar, select your preference (for example, “Middle East”)
  6.  There is now an expanded Location menu in the left sidebar. Click any country of interest “Israel, State of” and “Palestinian Territory, Occupied” might be of particular use
  7. You can select “Newspapers” in Publication Type in left sidebar, but not every document will be objective “news”; you will also find opinion/editorial (op/ed) pieces

This is not the only “right” way to find international news in Nexis Uni, but it’s one way to start!

How do we know whether sources are opinion pieces (op/eds) or objective news? Examine the sample articles below to examine the differences.