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Israel/Palestine: Conflict Narratives, Media Framing, and Peacebuilding (SC 376): Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography Assignment

For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, the three search engines that are likely to be the most helpful will be Sociological Abstracts, OneSearch, and Google Scholar. Go to Google Scholar through the library's website instead of through its public website, which will give you many more full-text options. If the library does not own what you need, you can make an interlibrary loan request (articles take about 24 hours to arrive).

For this assignment, as you know, you will need to identify at least six sources that you plan to use for your research paper, five of which (at minimum) should be scholarly articles or books/book chapters. At least two of these should be written by sociologists. It's important that these articles/chapters provide you with a variety of perspectives on your topic. While it depends to some degree on your topic, ideally you would find one article that is in-line with or sensitive to a Palestinian perspective and one that is in-line with or sensitive to an Israeli Jewish perspective.

If you are feeling stuck – if most of what you find is more in-line with one perspective than the other – you could go directly to the journal Israel Studies (full text available through the library from 1996-present) or the Journal of Palestine Studies (full text available through the library from 1971-2015; articles after 2015 can be requested through Interlibrary Loan). While it is not a given that every article in one of these two journals will fall in-line with an Israeli or Palestinian perspective, it is more likely that they will at least be sensitive to those perspectives.