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Disability Studies

What is Disability Studies?

Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary field that approaches disability as a social and cultural category, a lived experience, and an analytical frame. It thus expands understandings of disability and people with disabilities across diverse geographical and temporal contexts. Disability Studies explore issues of identity, representation, access, citizenship, technology, knowledge, and power—among other topics—and understands disability as inextricably tied to other social forces and identities, including gender, sexuality, class, and race. 

Accessibility tools and resources

In the library

For the visually impaired, all public computers provide easy access to Text Gold Read & Write, NVDA Screen Reader, and Magnifier. One visually accessible keyboard is located on the first floor.

Loyola University Maryland Disability Support Services

Notre Dame of Maryland University Office of Accessibity and Health Promotion



Portions of this guide were developed by Stacy Reardon for the Middlebury College Library and by Jennifer Dorner for the UC Berkeley Library and are reproduced here with their permission.