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Innovation Station Equipment Certification: Training


Users must complete certification to use restricted equipment, inclusive of the 3D printers, Cricut maker, sewing and embroidery machine, and laser cutter. Certification requires two parts:

  1. Part I: An overview of the machine, including how it operates and how to use it safely.
    • may be done in person in the library by requesting an appointment with a staff member or remotely via an online training tutorial
    • users who opt to follow along with the online training tutorial
      • can take as often as needed
      • must score 100% on the quiz to proceed to Part II Certification
      • must download the certificate of completion
      • may reserve the piece of equipment (exclusive of the laser cutter) in advance to follow along in the Library with the tutorial 
  2. Part II: An in library proficiency check, where users demonstrate they can correctly perform key steps.
    • must schedule an appointment with staff
    • can meet with a library staff member in person or via zoom
    • users who do the online training tutorial, must upload a certificate of completion for Part I, when scheduling Part II Certification  

After certification has been completed, users can

In Person Equipment Training and Certification

Part II Equipment Certification: Demonstrated Proficiency