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Library Impact Dashboard: MISO Survey


  • National survey on use and satisfaction with library services
  • Comparative data with other participating schools
  • Conducted in February 2019
  • More information on the survey and participating schools available on the MISO Survey website.

Key Themes

  • People still think the library is important and are satisfied with LNDL's services
  • LNDL serves a number of different user groups who have very different user needs
  • Users are looking for space and online resources

Changing Services

Most and Least Used Services by Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Chart showing most used services by LUM Undergrad (Quiet Work Space in the Library), LUM Grad (Seeker), NDM Undergrad (Seeker), NDM Grad (Access to online resources from off-campus) and least used services LUM Undergrad (Archives and Special Collections), LUM Grad (Physical Course Reserves), NDM Undergrad (Archives and Special Collections), NDM Grad (Makerspace).

Library Services: Importance vs. Satisfaction

Charts showing importance vs. satisfaction ratings for library services from LUM and NDM. Scores rangegenerall between 3.5 and 4 for satisfaction and 1.5 and 4 for use with outliers for LUM being Grad Maker Space, Undergrad Archives/Special Collections, Undergrad Makerspace rating satisfaction higher than importance and Faculty interlibrary loan, Faculty Library databases, and Faculty access to online resources from off-campus being rated equally high in importance and satisfaction. For NDM outliers are Grad Makerspace, Grad Physical Course Resrerves, and Grad Archives and Special Collections being rated high on satisfaction but low on importance and Faculty library research services, Faculty Seeker search and Faculty Access to online resources from off-campus being rated equally high for importance and satisfaction.

Satisfaction with Library Staff

Chart showing that in response to the question How strongly do you disagree or agree with the following statements with regard to library staff LUM and NDM Faculty, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students rated library staff as more friendly, more knowledgeable, more reliable, and more responsive in the 2019 MISO Survey than they did in the 2013 MISO Survey.