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Loyola Notre Dame Library Educational Technology

Guide to various educational Technologies available at Loyola Notre Dame Library


Introduction to the SmartMarker

Pairing with a Device

  1. Download the Equil Note app onto a personal device and open it. The app will walk through the pairing process.
  2. Press the power button on the side of the whiteboard sensor.
  3. Press the Bluetooth button to select either the IOS or computer/Android pairing.
  4. Once selected, press and hold the Bluetooth button to enter the pairing mode. The sensor will say "pairing mode" aloud.
  5. In the personal device's Bluetooth settings, pair with 'EquilSM-xxxxxx'.
  6. Place the whiteboard sensor on the whiteboard.

Using the SmartMarker

Install a marker:

‚ÄčA marker must be installed for the smart marker to work and will determine the color written on the board.

  1. Open the SmartMarker casing by pressing the release button towards the top.
  2. Insert a whiteboard marker. (Expo/Sharpie brand ONLY)
  3. Close the top.  

Change color sensor

The color of the sensor determines the color that will be recorded and sent to the user's device. 

  1. Open the marker casing top and remove the existing color ring. 
  2. Press a new colored ring into place.
  3. Close the top.


Swipe the large round eraser over areas of writing to be deleted


  1. Place the smaller cap eraser over the tip of the marker, as if placing a cap on a marker.
  2. Swipe the cap eraser over the areas of writing to be deleted.  
  3. Remove the cap eraser to resume writing.

Start a new 'page' of notes

Press the center button on the whiteboard sensor.