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Information Literacy: Future Plans

Information Literacy Plan

Click the link below to download a copy of the Loyola ▪ Notre Dame Library's Information Literacy Program Plan.

Request an Information Literacy Session

The Research & Instruction Department is available to teach your students how to use the library research resources. Sessions last 50-90 minutes and can cover such topics as how to effectively search library databases, the library catalog, and other key resources for conducting research; how to access the full text of articles; and how to evaluate information found in databases or on the web. If you would like to schedule a library information literacy session or talk to librarian about developing a session for your students, please use this form.

Future Plans

Looking forward, it is the goal of the LNDL Research & Instruction department to continue to expand the IL Program into the students’ advanced studies.

This will be done by reaching undergraduates within their majors and incorporating IL sessions into research project-based and research methods courses for master’s and doctoral students.

The program also strives to develop new strategies for assessing current instruction and student learning.

The department continues to explore new technologies that can be used to deliver instruction and/or enhance in-person classes. This can be achieved by staying abreast of educational technologies, preparing for new online programs, and the creation of a self-directed library course in university Course Management Systems.