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Creating Stable Links to Items in Databases

Using Journal Finder to Locate Items in Databases

  • Identify the publication (journal, magazine, etc.) in which the article was published 
  • On the library’s homepage, select “Journal” from the drop-down menu next to the search box 
  • Search for the journal/magazine title (not the article title) 
  • This will lead you to a list of databases through which LNDL subscribes to the journal/magazine  
    • Results might include the term “Print Periodicals Collection”; this will not lead to a permalink 
  • Note the date ranges of access next to the database links and select a database with the correct date range 
  • Once you are in the database, find the article. Typically, you will need to select the year and issue before finding the item title in the database. 
  • Follow the permalink instructions pertaining to this database in the list on the left side of this page  
  • Watch the “Finding an Article from a Bibliography” tutorial if you are a visual learner!