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Research Data Management


What is ORCiD?

ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) is a free and unique persistent identifier that helps to distinguish you from other researchers, especially those who share your name. It also helps ensure that you get credit for all the work you do throughout your career, regardless of changes in name, career, location, discipline, or other factors. Registering for an ORCiD is free and you have full control over your data and privacy. 


What are the benefits of ORCiD?
  • Your ORCID iD distinguishes you from other researchers

  • Your ORCID iD is unchanging and persists over time

    • You can tie your affiliations and activities throughout your career to your ORCID record

  • Your ORCID iD can help bolster your digital identity 

    • When research outputs are findable and centrally located, they can more easily be shared and re-used and can allow for more recognition and connections

  •  Your ORCID iD can ensure that you are meeting funder, publisher, and reporting requirements

    • Many funders, such as the NIH, NSF and DOE will soon be asking for or requiring ORCID iDs in grant applications and many publishers, such as SAGE, Springer and Wiley already require them

  • Your ORCID iD can save you time and effort when you fill out forms or applications 

    • Information can be imported ORCID to pre-populate forms to streamline applications

Getting Your ORCID iD

Step 1: Name and Email

ORCID does allow for multiple emails so adding an email not affiliated with an institution is a good idea to prevent getting locked out of your account.

Step 2: Password and Notification Settings

Step 3: Visibility Settings and Terms of Use

Populating your ORCID

Information can be added by:
  • Manual entry by you
  • Manual entry by a trusted individual
  • Search and Link wizards
  • Automatically via trusted organizations
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