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PHRD 600 Library Research Guide : Databases


There are a variety of databases available for you to use to find journal articles to support your research process. Depending on your topic, you may want to try a pharmacy database or look in a history database. General databases like Seeker, Jstor, and Project Muse can also be good places to start a search.

 For more help using any of these databases, please come see a Research & Instruction Librarian.

MeSH vs. Keyword Searching

In PubMed it is best to go directly into the MeSH database and search using MeSH terms.

In other library databases, this is not an option. Instead you will need to write out your research question and use key terms from the question in the database. 

Take time to think of synonyms or similar terms to use in your search and add them with OR. 

For a refresher on how to search using key terms and how to combine search terms using AND & OR, watch the following tutorial:


Pharmacy Databases

History Databases

General Databases