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Makerspace Technology

Technology available at The Innovation Station

Reserve the Lightboard and One Button Studio

Check the status of current reservations or make a reservation for makerspace technology.

Makerspace Reservations


  1. Turn on the power unit behind the iMac computer by pressing the red switch (the Lightboard iMac is on the table against the center of the wall across from the door).
  2. Turn on the power unit on the shelf below the TV by pressing the red switch.
  3. Turn on the camera with the on switch on the top near the viewfinder. Be careful not to move or bump the camera.
  4. Turn on the Lightboard lights via the switch on the power strip along the bottom of the Lightboard.
  5. Log into the iMac with the username lightboard (there is no password, just press Enter after entering the username to log in).
  6. Once an image appears on the TV screen, turn on the microphone with the on switch on the top of the mic’s battery pack and clip it onto yourself. To use PowerPoint overlays, open your presentation on the iMac, then begin the presentation in full-screen.
  7. Presentations must have black backgrounds with only white text and line drawings. The first slide must be all black.
  8. Open the Media Express software on the iMac by pressing Command-Tab, then clicking the Media Express icon that appears.
  9. Click the Capture button at the bottom of the Media Express window to begin recording.
  10. Click the Capture button again to stop the recording when finished. Recordings are saved in the Capture folder on the iMac’s desktop.
  1. Shut down the iMac.
  2. Turn off the camera.
  3. Turn off the Lightboard lights.
  4. Turn off both power units (one behind the iMac, the other on the shelf below the TV).

Recording with the One Button Studio

One Button Recording

One Button Studio

  1. Insert your thumbdrive into the “golf ball” looking dock on shelf.
  2. Press the big silver button.
  3. When finished, press big silver button again to stop recording.
  4. Remove your thumbdrive.

Note: There is a 5 second countdown before recording begins.

Avoid looking at the monitor when recording, as there is a lag which can be distracting.

Flash drives must be formatted as FAT32 or HFS+ in order to be used with the One Button Studio. Other formats will not work. Note: SD cards with adapters and novelty flash drives do not work in many instances.

Formatting thumbdrives for use with One Button

Insert thumbdrive into computer and navigate to file explorer.

file explorer screenshot

Right click on thumbdrive, and select “format”

screenshot right click on usb format selected

Under “File System”, choose FAT32 or exFAT, then select “Start” make sure “quick format” box is checked.

Screenshot FAT32 selected and Quick format checked


  1. Plug unit in.
  2. Turn on camera (button on top near the back)
  3. Open cabinet and remove/turn on wireless mouse and keyboard (switches are on the edges/bottom)
  4. Turn on Mac Mini (button in back on right side as you’re facing it)
  5. When Mac boots up, it will open a window that has only one option: “Macintosh HD”. Choose that, and One Button Studio should start automatically
  6. Set One Button app to full screen (small green dot in upper lefthand corner of window)
  7. Put keyboard and mouse back in cabinet and lock it to prevent unauthorized use.