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Collaboratory at the Library

What is the Collaboratory?

The Collaboratory at the Library is an active learning space that can be reserved by faculty from both Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University. The space is designed to highlight active learning, allowing students and faculty to utilize multiple types of devices to share information and collaborate. Faculty and students can share content from their devices to multiple devices in the room, including a wall mounted 65” TV. Moveable furniture and individual whiteboards allow for small group and class sharing allowing for flexibility in brainstorming and group problem solving.


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In the Collaboratory at the Library, we try to facilitate a diverse portfolio of teaching and learning in the most effective and efficient way possible. We offer many different technologies to help you with your classroom.

  • Television Set with attached Solstice Pod
  • iPads (4th generation) with cases and keyboards

To find out more about how to best utilize these, head to our Technologies page.


Active Learning Classroom

What is an Active Learning Classroom?

Active learning classrooms (ALCs) offer a unique teaching and learning environment, with the flexibility to adapt to whatever a class may require. An ALC is typically identified as a technology-rich, student-led classroom environment. With interactive technologies and furniture that promotes small group activities, this room promotes active and collaborative learning.