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CS/EG/PH 491: Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Trade magazines provide up-to-date analysis and reporting on trends, forecasting, and consumers in a specific industry. Use them to identify your market and End Users and to flesh out your personas for Beachhead markets.

Characteristics of a trade magazine:


Written by and for stakeholders in an industry

From: (2019, January). Brewers Association notes 2018 milestones. Beverage Industry, 11(1), p. 8. Permalink.

Include eye-catching photos and data visualizations

From: Juris, C. (2019, January 14). The life-changing Magic of Netflix. Publishers Weekly, 266 (2) p. 12. Permalink.

Articles range from in-depth analysis to brief news stories

From: (2019, January) Volkswagen and Tesco become EV charging partners. Logistics & Transport Focus, 21 (1), p 9. Permalink