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NUR306: Writing for Professionals

Is It Scholarly?

A requirement of your paper is that you must use scholarly sources. But how do you know if what you've found is scholarly? Watch this helpful video (courtesy of the Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University):

Books on Writing at LNDL

Writing Professional Memos and Emails

According to the University of Maryland, when preparing to write a memo, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the memo? What will it tell its recipient(s)?
  • Why do the recipients need this information?
  • What are the most important facts that the recipients need to have?
  • Is there a change that will be occurring? If so, what is the change and when will it occur?
  • Is there an action that the recipients need to take? If so, exactly what do they need to do? How do they take this action?
  • Is there any information (contact names, numbers, URLs) they need to have in order take this action?
  • Is there any accompanying documentation (reports, forms, charts) that the recipients need? (These can be included as attachments to the memo.)
  • Why do the recipients need to take the action? What are the benefits? How will it affect them?

Taken from "Writing Effective Memos" by the UMUC Writing Center. Visit their website for additional guidelines and resources.