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WR100 Crotty

Sample Essay

Sample Media

Video Editing Exercise (iMovie/Windows Movie Maker)

Use your preferred video editing software and using the provided sample media files or your own files do the following:

  • Import a video into your project
  • Edit a video clip such that you are using only part of the imported video in your final movie
  • Add an audio track to your project
  • Add an image to your project
  • Add a title and credits to your project
  • Add a transition between two clips
  • Add a special effect
  • Save your final movie

Audio Editing Exercise (Audacity)

Work through the linked tutorials in Audacity using the provided podcast and music files in the sample media folder. Start with the editing an existing audio file tutorial and if you have time continue on to the mixing narration with background music tutorial.

Print/Online Publications Exercise (Canva)

Create an account in Canva then use the sample media provided (including the sample essay) or the media available for free in Canva to do the following: 

  • Create a magazine design
  • Upload your own images into Canva (either the sample images provided or your own images)
  • Change the background image on the magazine cover layout you chose
  • Change the text on the magazine cover
  • Add additional pages to your magazine
  • Create an article in your magazine using elements, text, and backgrounds, 
  • Download your magazine

Website/Blog Exercise (Wordpress/Weebly/Wix)

In your preferred website or blog creation platform create an account. Depending on the platform you may need to come up with a domain name before you can do anything else. You can choose anything you want, but if you want to use the same site for your final project you may want to consider what domain name you want to use for that.

Once you have created your account, do the following:

  • Choose a theme for your site
  • Add additional pages/rename existing pages on your site
  • Add text to your site
  • Add an image to your site
  • Change the background on your site