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Theology Master's Thesis: Style & Format


Normally, a thesis will be between 15,000 words (roughly 60 pages, assuming double-spacing and 12 pt. font for body text) and 30,000 words (roughly 120 pages), including notes and bibliography. 

Submitting Your Thesis to the Library

To submit a thesis or dissertation to Loyola Notre Dame Library for inclusion in the Loyola Notre Dame Library Digital Collections:

  1. Consult your university or department’s guidelines for official requirements regarding formatting, font size, spacing, and citations.
  2. Format the document as either an MS Word, RTF, or PDF file. (Note: All documents will be converted to PDF for the library’s archive) 
  3. Include a completed Signatures Page, Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Access Form, and an Abstract.
  4. Submit to the library using the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission Form

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Style and Format

Theses must use standard Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic fonts for quotations in those languages; abbreviations, pagination, citation, and all formatting in the thesis should follow the guidelines in the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Handbook of Style, available at PN147 .S26 in the Reference shelves of the Loyola Notre Dame Library. 

Careful attention to matters of style are crucial for citation, inclusion of foreign (especially ancient) language, and formatting. The latter will be especially consequential when submitting the post-defense, archival copy to the Loyola Notre Dame Library.

Further guidelines and standards for Loyola University Master's theses are available here.

NOTE: The Theology Department theses standards supersede those of the university. Please contact your advisor for details.