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Theology Master's Thesis: Thesis Defense


Students will receive a grade for the written thesis and a grade for the oral examination.  The final grade for the thesis will be the average of these two grades.  Students may not pass TH 700/01 unless they pass both the written and the oral examinations.


Oral Examinations

When students have submitted their thesis, a date for an oral examination will be set.  The examination must be scheduled and take place before April 1 in Spring semesters and before December 1 in Fall semesters.

The examination will cover material contained in the thesis and material related to the student’s course work.  The examiners will include the student’s faculty advisor, at least one other faculty member, and a faculty member who will serve as the chair and moderator of the examination.  That person’s primary role is to make sure that the examination proceeds in an orderly, civil and fair manner.

Students can pass without revision, pass with minor revision, or fail the oral examination. Minor revisions, when required, must be completed within two weeks of the completed oral examination.