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CSE Style Guide

Journal articles

 If a journal has no volume/issue, you must include the entire date as given (month, day, year, or season).

Material Type           In-text Citation              End Reference                                                        
Print articles             

Journal article from print publication 


(Pierce et al. 2011) 


Pierce JP, Messer K, White MM, Cowling DW, Thomas DP. 2011. Prevalence of heavy smoking in California and the United States, 1965-2007. JAMA 305(11): 1106-1112.

 Online articles      

The medium designator [Internet] and date cited/updated [cited 2011 Mar 1] are required. Place them after the journal title (

If a URL does not directly access the document, provide directions to it from the closest addressable site. In the case of online College databases, enter the database name and the journal's URL or the database host's URL after "Available from:".

 Include the DOI or accession number, if present.

Journal article from an online database (College)


(Halfordet al.  2011)


Halford NG, Curtis TY, Muttucumaru N, Postles J, Mottram DS. 2011. Sugars in crop plants. Ann Appl Biol [Internet] [cited 2011 Feb 2]; 158(1):1-25. In Biological & Agricultural Index Plus database. Available from: doi:10.1111/j.1744-7348.2010.00443.x 


  (Baniahmad 2011)

Baniahmad, A. (2011). The corepressor Alien as a novel tumor suppressor? Horm Mol Biol Clin Invest [Internet] [cited 2011 Mar 13]; 5(1):11-15. In Academic Search Complete database. Available from: doi:10.1515/HMBCI.2010.074


Journal article from the Internet (freely available) (Quinn et al. 2010)

Quinn CF, Freeman JL, Reynolds RJB, Cappa JJ, Fakra SC, Marcus MA, Lindblom SD, Quinn EK, Bennett LE, Pilon-Smits EAH. 2010. Selenium hyperaccumulation offers protection from cell disruptor herbivores. BMC Ecol [Internet] [cited 2011 Feb 1]; 10(19):1-11.  Available from: