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EN200 : Library Research Assignment: MLA Style

MLA Style (8th Edition)

The library assignment asks you to write citations in MLA style. Remember that the item records that you find in our catalog and databases are NOT in MLA style. Citations to different kinds of documents require different information. For example (these are not in MLA style):

  • For books: include author or editor of book, title of book, edition (if given), publisher, date published.
  • For essays in books: include author of essay, title of essay, title of book, author or editor of book, edition (if given), publisher, date published, page numbers.
  • For articles in journals: include author, article title, journal title, volume, issue number (if given), date, page numbers.

Need Help?

Consult one of the following sources for help with MLA style:

LNDL MLA Citation Style Guide

Purdue OWL

Loyola Writing Center


Remember to abbreviate all names of months, except for May, June and July:

Jan.     Feb.     Mar.
Apr.     Aug.     Sept.
Oct.     Nov.     Dec.

When citing magazine or newspaper articles, include the day, month and year of publication (if available). Write the date in the following format:

day Mo. YYYY


23 Sept. 2012

Use the same format for the date of access.

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