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MLA Style Guide, 9th Edition

Citing a Book

Helpful Tips:

Be aware that many books are collections of essays written by several different people and edited by one author. If this is the case for your resource, format the reference information as a chapter/essay from a book rather than citing the entire book, like this: 

For a book with two authors

When using a book that has more than two authors, include only the name of the first author, followed by "et al." For example:

Smith, John, et al. Book Title etc.

Indicate any edition other than the first edition.  For example:

Fletcher, Neville H., and Thomas D. Rossing. The Physics of Musical Instruments. 2nd ed., Springer, 1998.

How to Cite a Book (entire book)

References to books usually include the following elements:

Author, First, and Second Author. Title of Book Italicized with All Important Words Capitalized. Edition abbreviated if appropriate, Publisher, Date. 


How to Cite a Book (chapter)

*Be aware that many books are collections of essays written by several different people and edited by one author.

References to individual chapters or essays found in a book usually include the following elements:

Essay/chapter Author, last name first. "Essay or Chapter Title." Book Title,  editor(s) or compiler(s), publisher, date of publication, start page – end page of chapter or essay.  NOTE: Page numbers in the works-cited list are now preceded by p. or pp.


Other Types of Print Books

Edited Book 

Last Name, First Name, editor. Title of Book: Italicized with All Important Words Capitalized. Edition abbreviated if appropriate,  Publisher, Date. 

Schutte, Anne Jacobson, et al., editors. Time, Space, and Women's Lives in Early Modern Europe. Truman State UP, 2001. 

Entry for Item Previously Published in Another Source

Author, Last Name, First Name. "Title of Article in Quotes with all Important Words Capitalized". Title of the  Book You used Italicized with All Important Words Capitalized, edited by Name of Editor in First Last Order, Publisher, Date. Pages. Originally published in.....


How to cite an eBook

References to ebooks include the following information:

Author(s). Title of book. Publisher, Publication Year. Database*. URL (DOI or permalink). Date Accessed (optional)**.

*If you are in Seeker, the Database name is located in the ebook's record, below the abstract and publisher/permissions field. If you are in the Catalog, use LNDL Catalog as the Database name in your citation.

**Always check with your professor about whether or not they require Date Accessed.