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Data Planet

Data Planet

Why search here?

Data Planet provides access to a repository of standardized and structured statistical data, said to contain more than 18.9 billion data points from more than 70 source organizations. The over 3.9 billion data points listed by Data-Planet provide access to data presented in charts, maps, graphs, and table form, via multiple points of entry.

What’s included?

The datasets available through Data-Planet fall into the following subject categories: Agriculture & Food, Banking, Finance, & Insurance,  Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement, Education, Energy Resources & Industries, Government & Politics,  Health & Vital Statistics,  Housing & Construction, Industry, Business, & Commerce, International Relations & Trade,  Labor & Employment, Military & Defense, Natural Resources & Environment, Population & Income, Prices, Consumption, & Cost of Living, and Transportation & Traffic.


Dataset from Data Planet  database

Image shows user browsing a data set from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Unemployment Rate in Data Planet.