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Journal, Database, and eBook Cancellations FAQ

January 2021 Update

This FAQ is designed to address questions about changes to journals, databases, and ebooks.

Due to inflationary increases by publishers along with the COVID-19 economic challenges the Library is cancelling some titles as of July 1.

As we do each year we reviewed cost and use of each title over a 3-5 year time span. We know that use can vary over time and consider other information including speaking to faculty who have changed their courses, are on sabbatical, leave the university, or when programs are introduced or sunset. Where questions remained, the Library consulted with individual faculty, department chairs, and administrators to gather additional information before making final cancellation decisions.

Currently, cancellations will take place on July 1, 2020.

The cancellations are spread across all disciplines.

One, this FAQ lists alternative resources in lieu of cancelled titles. Two, LNDL can borrow physical and electronic content via Interlibrary Loan. Three, faculty may Request a Purchase of individual ebooks and print books. Four, contact the Help Desk, Chat with a librarian 24/7, or contact your liaison librarian.

It may be possible to reacquire some titles at a later date as the Library continues to accept journal and database requests from faculty. Consult with your department chair and your liaison librarian to submit a request.

Librarians are available to help you find alternative resources or to answer your questions. Contact the Help Desk, Chat with a librarian 24/7, or contact your liaison librarian.