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Your Assignment

For your library assignment, you will need to locate examples of literary criticism in the library. You will need these skills in order to successfully complete your research papers for this and future literature courses. But...

What is literary criticism?

Literary criticism is the formal analysis of works of literature on themes found within those works. While it often looks at a specific aspect of or theme found in one particular literary work, you will also find literary criticism that compares several works or analyzes an author’s work as a whole. Literary criticism is published in many formats; for this assignment, you will focus on finding examples of literary criticism that are published as books and scholarly journal articles.

For more information on literary criticism, read this Literary Criticism page from the Loyola English Department.

Get Started

Watch this library tutorial before starting your research assignment; it includes helpful pointers on searching the MLA International Bibliography database. Click the image below to open the video tutorial.

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