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BUS642: Critical Incident Report: Assignment Overview

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Defining Critical Incidents

According to Ochberg (2012), "an incident is critical when it attracts wide spread attention, changes the way we think or act, and lives on in the collective consciousness" (p. 3-4).  Scholars from different fields of discipline use critical incidents to as a learning and teaching technique to prepare future incidents by understanding past incidents.  The case study approach is widely used in business education to prepare students and scholars for real world business challenges.

This guide is intended to provide you with easy access to the necessary resources to successfully develop a successful critical incident case study and research and document effective teaching notes in response to documented critical incident case study questions.


Ochberg, F. (2012). The emergence of critical incident analysis as a field of study. In R.W. Schwester (Ed.), Handbook of critical incident analysis (pp. 3-18). Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe: Retrieved from

Critical Incident Report Assignment Overview

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